A selection of the work I have completed in the last year.

Amy Turk Harp Thumbnail

Amy Turk Harpist - Website

Website for local harpist to advertise availability for weddings and functions. Embedded youtube videos and a contact form with basic CAPTCHA.

Artit Aukko Thumbnail

Artit Aukko Vocal Coach - Website

Website for vocal coach based on Wordpress. Homepage is a fullscreen slider with a music player in the corner. All site content is loaded using AJAX to allow music player to continue playing uninterrupted. Layout is responsive for desktop and mobile

Doe Drop Inn Thumbnail

Doe Drop Inn - Website

Website for rabbit boarding. Contains information on the boarding and a contact form. Site is responsive for desktop and mobile. There is a simple administration area (PHP & mySQL) to allow setting an availability message displayed at the top of the site.

Dominic Sewell Music Thumbnail

Dominic Sewell Music - Website

Website for composer and music teacher based on Wordpress. There are pages for displaying youtube videos, embedded audio players and contact forms. There is a blog section for up-to-date news. There is an area of the site hidden behind a registration, for pupils to access teaching materials.

John Hoskison Golf Thumbnail

John Hoskison Golf - Website

Website for my father to display availability for public speaking, golf tuition and display achievements in writing and golf.

Tempus Fusion Facebook Cover Thumbnail

Tempus Fusion - Graphics & Promotional Material

Various graphics have been created for the band, from Facebook Cover images to posters advertising gigs and promotional stickers.